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  • KYASMA // Radioactivity (dir. Jean-Paul Frenay)

    KYASMA // Radioactivity (dir. Jean-Paul Frenay)

    This cinematic sci-fi thriller of a music video directed by Jean-Paul Frenay  (and funded by Swiss rock band Kyasma) tells the tale of a ‘looming crystalline disease’ that inevitably takes it’s toll on the promo’s main protagonist, played by Denis Carpentier. It was shortlisted for Best Music-based Film at The Van d’Or Awards 2013 and is included in the 2014 season Official Selection for Cannes in a Van. It’ll also be screening at the next Screen Social in London on Wednesday 13th November.

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  • Screen Social 09.10.13 (The Van d’Or Award Winners)

    Screen Social 09.10.13 (The Van d’Or Award Winners)

    The first 2013 Van d’Or Awards Official Selection screening of the 2014 season took place on Wednesday 9th October at The Book Club in Shoreditch. It was great to see many of the filmmakers on the night. We managed to squeeze in a few interviews too which we’ll be posting on the site. Listed below are the films shown on the night. View more photos from Screen Social events Featured Films CALLUM dir. Michael van der Put // Winner Best Film, Best Actor, Best [...]

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  • And The Winners Are…

    And The Winners Are…

    So it’s happened! The results are in and the wait is over. The winners of all 15 categories in The Van d’Or Independent Film Awards are decided! A memorable night was had by all at The Old Truman Brewery in London’s Brick Lane. Presented by Edith Bowman who held things together when the tech failed. The night was dominated by Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor winning film Callum (directed by Michael van der Put) and starring James Tarpey in [...]

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  • Ciao Venice Film Festival

    Ciao Venice Film Festival

    An accidental film screening of a questionable film starring an Italian pornstar to an entire Italian family closes the door on Venice 2013. As the sun sets for Cannes in a Van, tired eyes are on the road and sights are set on future events.

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  • ATLAS – Eat Me

    ATLAS – Eat Me

    As The Van d’Or Awards approach ever-faster,  we at Cannes in a Van look forward to seeing and hearing the extraordinary vocal talents of the marvellous ATLAS, who will be performing live on the night of September 19th. “The melodies that haunt the music of ATLAS come to their creator after dark. While you’re asleep, her violent lullabies are voiced over reverberating bass and electronic enchantments. So watch, and listen closely. These dramatic visions – projected dreams and potent nightmares [...]

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  • Street Cinema at The Venice Film Festival

    Street Cinema at The Venice Film Festival

    Venice is not known for its roads, so screening films on the street from a Ford Transit van isn’t always easy. The Venice Lido is a strip of land with 12km of beaches, protecting the islands of Venice from the sea and elements. This is where the 70th Biennale di Venezia happens, and where Cannes in a Van pitches up.

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  • A Guide to the Venice Film Festival

    A Guide to the Venice Film Festival

    After a long and arduous journey through Europe, we were treated to guided tour of the 70th Venice Film Festival from local venetian Marina Rizzi. If you’ve never been to the Venezia Biennale, this gives you a brief idea of what to expect.

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  • Virgins of Venice

    Virgins of Venice

    Our first day on the Lido began with a level of apprehension; it was to be the first time in Cannes in a Van history that we’d attempt to screen films publicly on the street for those at the 70th annual Venice Film Festival. Armed with the Official Selection from the 2012 Van d’Or Independent Film Awards and some newly submitted Italian films – our intention was to sit on the fringe of one of the worlds oldest and most [...]

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  • London to Venice – In Transit

    London to Venice – In Transit

    Over a thousand miles, traveling through six different countries, three blokes embark on a long and arduous journey, the destination? The 70th annual Venice Film Festival. Setting off on Wednesday 28th August from London, UK, we travelled to Folkestone to catch the Eurotunnel before speeding through France into Belgium. Onwards then to Germany, where we organized a film screening at a film academy in Ludwigsburg, close to Stuttgart. The sun was battling our plasma in the late afternoon so time came to [...]

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  • At last… ‘Roger’ is now online!

    At last… ‘Roger’ is now online!

    As if by magic, as our 2013 Van d’Or Awards come into view, one of the real gems from last year is finally available online! Roger The Real-life Superhero, directed by Cathy MacDonald is a simply brilliant documentary about one simply brilliant human-being. Winner of Best Documentary at the 2012 Van d’Or Independent Film Awards, the film follows nineteen-year-old Roger Hayhurst who lives on an estate in Salford, Manchester. With the unwavering support of his mum Jennifer, Roger dresses in a spandex [...]

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  • Save the Gorilla on Kickstarter

    Save the Gorilla on Kickstarter

    The amazing, unimaginable, simply mythical Gorilla Film Magazine is back, but it needs your help to survive in the wild. Please watch this video and show your support for Gorilla’s Kickstarter campaign. You may be able to help print another essential 1000 copies of the magazine and in turn save the entire publishing industry from the jaws of an untimely death. The future of Gorillas is in YOUR hands.

    If that’s not enough, you can come down to Screen Social at The Book Club on Wed 14th August and show your support in person… from 7pm.

    We thank you.

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  • The Anchor (dir. Luke Daniels)

    The Anchor (dir. Luke Daniels)

    A favourite from the 2011 Van d’Or Awards, director Luke Daniels‘ perfectly-formed (in our opinion) poignant short film features the stirling acting talents of one Liam Bewley who is currently appearing in a Marmite viral near you (and an excellent ‘yeast-extract welfare officer’ he makes too). Co-written by both Bewley and Daniels, the film won the Van d’Or for Best Screenplay and tells the tale of a one man and his relationship with a bar stool. The Anchor is touching, clever [...]

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