Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you will find some frequently asked questions regarding submitting your film to the festival. Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions, they should provide most answers to any of your queries.

If you cannot find the answers to any of your questions and have read our T+Cs, feel free to contact the festival office at:

General Questions

Q. What happens to my film once I’ve submitted?
A. After submissions close in August, all submitted films will be put into a shortlist which will then be put through our judging process.

Q. If my film is selected, when will I be notified?
A. We will let you know after submissions close during Mid-August whether or not your film has been selected.

Q. If my film is rejected, will I get any feedback?
A. We are unable to provide any individual feedback on any films submitted due to the large number of submissions we receive.

Q. Why do you charge for submissions?
A. Our festival relies on its modest submission fee in order to stay on the road and screen the work of the best creative talent from around Europe. A large portion of the fee goes towards administration costs within the submission process and the remainder goes towards our delivery of a film awards night like no other.

Submission Questions

Q. I’m having problems submitting, can you help?
A. Of course, you can contact us if you’re having problems at

Q. Do I have to send in a DVD?
A. No – we’d actually much prefer a digital copy for our viewing.

Q. My film isn’t available online (Vimeo / YouTube) what do I do?
A. You can send us a copy via WeTransfer or YouSendIt if you’d rather your film not be online.

Q. How will I know if you’ve received my film?
A. We will e-mail you when we’ve received / downloaded a copy of your film, just to reassure you.

Q. If I send in a DVD, will I get it back?
A. Unfortunately not, due to the high number of submissions we receive every year, we are unable to return any DVDs submitted.

Selection Questions

Q. How are the films selected for the Van d’Ors?
A. Depending on what category you enter, your film will be shortlisted for specific awards before being judged by our panel.

Q. Who will be judging the films?
A. An expert panel featuring key players within the current film industry will be on the jury this year. It includes actors, directors, producers, writers and a few surprises.

Q. Will my film be screened?
A. Unlike most festivals, our screenings generally happen after the awards, we do not hold a series of screenings over a weekend or a week period, instead we take the shortlisted and winning films out on tour with the Van to give them some attention.

Awards Questions

Q. When are the awards?
A. The Van d’Or Independent Film Awards will take place in London during September (date yet to be confirmed).

Q. Can I invite my friends if my film is up for an award?
A. We will have an online ticket system so you can reserve seats for friends and family, we don’t want anyone to miss out!

Q. What is the Un Certain Regard award?
A. Films of note that we or the jury feel deserve a special mention, all entered films are eligible for this award.


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