Mac ‘n’ Cheese (dir. Tom Hankins, Gijs va Kootenm Guido Puijk and Roy Nieterau, 2011)

Our twenty-second film in Student Film Month is ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheese’ (dir. Tom Hankins, Gijs va Kootenm Guido Puijk and Roy Nieterau, 2011)

When you find yourself running scared and out of energy, there are only a few options one can turn to in order to outrun your opponent through the southern desert. Stopping at nothing, watch these two guys wear each other out and rip through boundaries hitherto unbroken.

Inspired by Valve’s highly successful video game Team Fortress, Mac ‘n’ Cheese injects adrenaline into the viewer through its electro pumped, drug fuelled, high speed chase.

Animated by the wonderful minds of Tom Hankins, Gijs va Kootenm Guido Puijk and Roy Nieterau of the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands.

Student Film Month
In celebration of student filmmakers everywhere and our Student Film In Transit competition, we’ve launched Student Film Month at Cannes in a Van. Every day throughout February, we’re publishing a student film from somewhere in the student film-sphere. It might be a student classic like the 1965 long-short Boy and Bicycle from a young Ridley Scott… an award-winning masterpiece… or a film directed by you.

We’ll be publishing a wealth of moving images from the infamous to the obscure, each film worthy of it’s place on our humble little stage. So what’s stopping you picking up that mouse, tablet or phone and sending us your own student short? You never know where the big yellow van might take you!

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