The Fugue (dir. Xavier Bonnin): International Trailer

As part of our short listed drama’s for The 2013 Van d’Or Independent Film Awards and subsequently cemented into our Official Selection for 2014′s Cannes in a Van season, ‘The Fugue‘, written and directed by Xavier Bonnin through the support of french production and research group G.R.E.C, has launched its first international trailer.

A little snippet on G.R.E.C:

G.R.E.C (or GREEK) Group Research and Testing Cinema was created in 1969 by Pierre Braunberger, Anatole Dauman and Jean Rouch – producer and filmmaker – to enable the realisation of the first films of short films: fiction, documentary, experimental films, animation, art films. By its mission, GREEK welcomes all types of projects, ensuring their unique and innovative.

GREC has produced more than 900 films and has uncovered many filmmakers. 

Projects are selected by the Colleges of film professionals who meet several times a year. About 17 films are produced per year, also offering technicians all professional branches film the opportunity to experience their skills and acquire knowledge through practice based on a unique approach to production.

GREC offers few years training workshops.

Be sure to follow Xavier and The Fugue as they look to distribute their heart felt short to a screen near you.


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