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  • STUDENT FILM MONTH: Out of Sight (dir. Ya-Ting Yu, 2010)

    STUDENT FILM MONTH: Out of Sight (dir. Ya-Ting Yu, 2010)

    Our twenty-sixth film of Student Film Month is ‘Out of Sight’ (dir. Ya-Ting Yu, 2010) This beautifully animated short revolves around the story of a little girl and her pup who are confronted by a robbery that strays from the her off on an unfamiliar path. After entering foreign territory, she enters an unknown world and embarks on a magical adventure dependent entirely on her senses. Using soft pastel colours and working on this beautifully animated piece opens us up [...]

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  • Idiot Songs // Villages of Ether (dir. Kevin McGloughlin)

    Idiot Songs // Villages of Ether (dir. Kevin McGloughlin)

    As described by it’s director Kevin McGloughlin, this video for ‘electronic chamber music’ artists Idiot Songs, Villages Of Ether is ‘set in the subconscious. It interrogates what it means to recognise a difficulty in oneself. The video endeavours to depict struggles with anxiety and ultimately the elimination of self doubt.’

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  • Hinode (dir. Tetsuka Niiyama)

    Hinode (dir. Tetsuka Niiyama)

    This beautiful piece of motion design was a recent submission for our monthly film night Screen Social.

    “This is a CG movie that depicts saltation and growth of life in the sea using jewelry as the motif for illustrating the theme “Jewels of Sea.” It creates mystifying and attractive scenery by the ores resembling creatures of sea and its transforming refraction and reflection of light that are affected by the organic moves.”

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  • Project Kronos (dir. Hasraf Dulull)

    Project Kronos (dir. Hasraf Dulull)

    From the guy who brought us dogs and cats at war in his epic motion graphic short Fubar Redux, comes this intriguing documentary treatment of a futuristic journey through space research, Project Kronos. With a huge amount of work behind this new film, Hasraf Dulull seems set to direct an effects-heavy feature, perhaps expanding on his take on interstellar space travel. We hope to welcome Hasraf back for a screening at a future Screen Social.

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  • The Future Forms of Life (dir. David Lance)

    The Future Forms of Life (dir. David Lance)

    This intriguing animation was nominated for best Motion Design at The Van d’Or Awards 2012. Some seriously good motion skills on show here. We look forward to screening more of David’s work at our regular night Screen Social in the future.

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  • Fubar Redux (dir. Hasraf Dulull)

    Fubar Redux (dir. Hasraf Dulull)

    A truly unique short film, Fubar Redux is ‘an Epic Short Film portraying the atrocities of an on-going political war for territories. Told in an alternate reality with Cats and Dogs mixing exciting action with tense drama driven by a unique animation visual style – Hyper-Motion Comic Cinema.’ The film was nominated at The Van d’Or Awards 2012 for Best Motion Design. Director Hasraf Dulull worked on the project relentlessly to bring his vision to reality. A rough-cut was screened [...]

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  • Countdown (dir. Celine Desrumaux)

    Countdown (dir. Celine Desrumaux)

    We absolutely love this animated short from Celine Desrumaux, who is one to watch. This was one of the films screened at the first ever Screen Social and really sums up what we love about film & music coming together to create a cool cocktail of colour, noise, & style. Can’t wait for her next project.

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  • DNAUXB (dir. Tony Comely)

    DNAUXB (dir. Tony Comely)

    ‘As his planet boils in the glow of a cascading Tesseract a young femto-panda named David Xenon makes a brave attempt to warn the galaxy… An animated music video for the track D N A U X B on the EP ‘We Go Dream Team’ by Gameshow Outpatient‘ This film was nominated in the Best Music-based category at The Van d’Or Awards 2012.

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  • The Adventures of TinTin (dir. James Curran)

    The Adventures of TinTin (dir. James Curran)

    This super-short film won the Best Motion Design award at the Van d’Ors in September 2012. It’s an unofficial title sequence for ‘The Adventures of Tintin’, (directed by James Curran) featuring elements from each of the 24 books. James is now part of production powerhouse Partizan’s stable of hugely talented directors. Music is composed by Ray Parker and Tom Szczesniak. slimjimstudios.com

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  • What is Motion Design?

    What is Motion Design?

    A really nice journey through what motion design / graphics compiled by the guys at Motion Plus Design. Here’s a word from them… “Motion Plus Design is a project which aims to create the first exhibition center dedicated to Motion Design in Paris. This is a non-profit project. Students, professionals and anyone interested could discover artists, meet and learn. This centre will also provide an opportunity to promote artists in other design departments so the different graphic design worlds could cross. To [...]

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  • Dogboarding


    Okay, so skateboarding on a dog? What do you think that’s called? Yup…. another film from the minds of award-winning directors Daniels. We love ‘em.

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  • Touched

    Touched is a short animation from Colin Giles, a US based animator who shows his talent for characterizing inanimate (almost) objects.

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