Screen Social – Music Vs Film

Is it a film night? Is it a club night?
Is it something else? Does it matter?

We don’t think so. Our monthly music vs film night, Screen Social is whatever you want it to be – a filmusic mashup packed end-to-end with moving content, music and chat. We’ve never done things conventionally, so when we launched a new monthly night, we thought we’d make it a bit different. Hopefully we’re some way to getting that right.

Franz Kirmann

A Screen Social night at The Book Club in Shoreditch, London, is night out with friends, a film screening, a networking night, a DJ set, a gig. There’s no rule-book – we just make sure we screen the best content, play the best tunes and meet the best people.

So far we’ve played host to featured directors, motion graphics studios, live bands, film quizes and guest DJs. In 2013 Screen Social will expand into new areas as part of a bigger picture for Cannes in a Van. We’d love you to be along for the ride!

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If you’d like to get involved with running and programming the night, drop us an email at with a bit of background. It’s Screen Social, so don’t be shy.


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