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  • A glimpse through the Google glasses

    A glimpse through the Google glasses

    Is this the future of interactive movie watching and making? Google released this video of their newest innovation, the Google Glass. We’d be interested to experiment with a pair when it finally arrives, although right now it seems only the US is eligible.

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  • Words


    Made by Everynone (in Collaboration with WNYC’s Radiolab & NPR) Directed by Daniel Mercadante & Will Hoffman Supervising Producer: Robert Krulwich Original Score: Keith Kenniff (unseen-music.com) everynone.com

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  • Breaking The Taboo

    Breaking The Taboo

    This documentary by Sam Branson (yes, that one) is released for free on youTube for one month only. If you haven’t seen the film yet then watch the full documentary here and join the debate using the #breakthetaboo hashtag on Twitter.┬áRead Richard Branson’s comments here…

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  • Turin Brakes – Sea Change (dir. Stephen Smith)

    Turin Brakes – Sea Change (dir. Stephen Smith)

    Official animated claymation for the song ‘Sea Change’ by Turin Brakes off the album ‘Outbursts’. Following an all-singing evolutionary chain to ‘man’ and ultimately extinction. Created solely by (the contradiction of) STEPHEN SMITH in only two weeks.

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