Big Society The Musical Premieres

When no one hears you shout… Sing.
Premiering as the opening film today at the London Labour Film Festival is Big Society The Musical, an innovative new feature film from independent not-for-profit filmmaking & arts organisation First Take. The film began as a quirky idea from director Lynne Harwood, but quickly grew into a creative hub, drawing in writers, actors and musical talent from around Liverpool including lead actor Paula Simms. It was back in 2011 that producer Jennifer Monks (also one of the writers) made us aware of the film’s production and crowd fund-raising. It’s exciting to see such a brave independent film make it to the big screen and we wish it every success.


More from the makers…
“The idea was simple; produce a film which would respond to the cuts, tap into the mood of our communities, draw out an untold story and tell it through music. A film that would give a voice to the thousands of people struggling to be heard. The production process was unconventional, organic, ironic and inspiring. What began in January 2010 as a quirky idea by Director Lynne Harwood, quickly evolved into a city wide creative collaboration. Depicting over 200 local voices the film became somewhat of a creative hub for the people of Liverpool. Through a unique and powerful musical score their feelings and experiences were vocalised. With scenes shot at Trade Union and Austerity marches, Liverpool Pride Parade and street performances the film employs innovative use of real events and real people as the backdrop for its unfolding urban story. The outline script was created over a 7 month period working in collaboration with a team of exceptional local Liverpool writers; Cath Bore, Jan Brown, Charlie Kelly, Ann Monks, Jenny Monks, Lynne Harwood and lead actor Paula Simms.  Musical talent has come in the form of Dan Wilson of The Cubical, up and coming raw talent of Joe Madocks, Jennifer John of Sense of Sound and bringing it all together, the visionary composer Andy Frizell.”

First Take is an award-winning not for profit filmmaking, new media and arts organisation specialising in working with diverse communities and on artistic collaborations, producing edgy, authentic, untold and often complex stories. It aims to create projects that impact on people’s lives, their understanding and perceptions.


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