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  • 11.06.14 Screen Social: COMPULSORY Viewing

    11.06.14 Screen Social: COMPULSORY Viewing

    COMPULSORY Viewing This month Screen Social invites award-winning London-based production company COMPULSORY to take centre stage for an evening of music videos, shorts & more. There’ll also be an eclectic set from KissFM’s Charlie T as well as a live set from none other than CLOUD BOAT & MY PANDA SHALL FLY, who will be bringing the latest in their electronically fuelled hybrid of downcast Dubstep and melancholy folk.   The charity we’re supporting is Shelter which helps millions of people every year struggling with [...]

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  • STUDENT FILM MONTH: Subspectrum (dir. Ryan Burnham & Helena Charlton-Jones, 2013)

    Subspectrum (dir. Ryan Burnham & Helena Charlton-Jones, 2013)

    Today’s film featuring in Student Film Month is this music video featuring a SubSpectrum track co-directed by Ryan Burnham & Helena Charlton-Jones. Charlton-Jones also has a exceptional vocal talents and can be found sometimes singing in tunnels. Student Film Month In celebration of student filmmakers everywhere and our Student Film In Transit competition, we’ve launched Student Film Month at Cannes in a Van. Every day throughout February, we’re publishing a student film from somewhere in the student film-sphere. It might be a student classic like the 1965 long-short Boy [...]

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  • 12.02.14 Screen Social: THE BIRTHDAY PARTY

    12.02.14 Screen Social: THE BIRTHDAY PARTY

    THE BIRTHDAY PARTY The Music vs Film mashup night Screen Social is a celebration edition in aid of homelessness charity, Shelter. If your birthday falls on February 12th or you just want to party like it’s yo’ birthday – you’re invited! Music videos, films, DJs and plenty of drinks. Send us your own video content & music/clip requests and celebrate with us. It’s also our very own Ross Henbest’s birthday on the night and he’d love to share it with a [...]

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  • Feel Flows (dir. Paris Zarcilla)

    Feel Flows (dir. Paris Zarcilla)

    Music-based short films are often difficult to categorise but that didn’t stop director Paris Zarcilla ploughing much of his own money into making this cinematic gem which took the Best Music-based Film award at this year’s Van d’Or Awards in September. Paris came down to November’s music-themed Screen Social in London and had a chat to us about the making and funding of the film. His interview (in the cupboard) will be appearing online soon, but for now just enjoy the film…

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  • Easy – Mat Zo & Porter Robinson (dir. Louis & McCourt)

    Easy – Mat Zo & Porter Robinson (dir. Louis & McCourt)

    Another superb entry to The Van d’Or Independent Film Awards 2013 and part of the Official Selection for the 2014 season is this music video for Mat Zo & Porter Robinson directed by a directing collective who go by the name of The Line. It was produced by friends of Cannes in a Van, Bullion Productions who are on a roll at the moment with recent videos for Mercury Music Prize nominees Disclosure and commercial work for Ford and Toyota. We [...]

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  • ATLAS – Eat Me

    ATLAS – Eat Me

    As The Van d’Or Awards approach ever-faster,  we at Cannes in a Van look forward to seeing and hearing the extraordinary vocal talents of the marvellous ATLAS, who will be performing live on the night of September 19th. “The melodies that haunt the music of ATLAS come to their creator after dark. While you’re asleep, her violent lullabies are voiced over reverberating bass and electronic enchantments. So watch, and listen closely. These dramatic visions – projected dreams and potent nightmares [...]

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  • 10.07.13 Screen Social: BARE ALL

    10.07.13 Screen Social: BARE ALL

    BARE ALL (ft. Bare Films & The Little Unsaid) The July 10th Screen Social features a night of stripped-back film & music with Bare Films’ award-winning directors, grass roots independent shorts, and a brilliant live electronic set from the amazing The Little Unsaid. Bare Films is a leading award-winning UK production company representing an eclectic and exciting mix of directorial talent, all of whom have something very different to offer. Their new digital roster features some of the most exciting directing talent around and [...]

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  • Radar & Enjoyed at Screen Social

    Radar & Enjoyed at Screen Social

    On Wed 12th June our regular monthly ‘filmusic’ night Screen Social played host to Radar Music Videos and Enjoyed. Founder of the director + record label match-maker Radar, Caroline Bottomley chaired the night which included a range of the best music videos to come out of Radar in the last 5 years. She interviewed a couple of directors (Lewis Cater and Staysa) about their work and their experience using Radar, while later the assorted audience was treated to the electro beats [...]

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  • Hinode (dir. Tetsuka Niiyama)

    Hinode (dir. Tetsuka Niiyama)

    This beautiful piece of motion design was a recent submission for our monthly film night Screen Social.

    “This is a CG movie that depicts saltation and growth of life in the sea using jewelry as the motif for illustrating the theme “Jewels of Sea.” It creates mystifying and attractive scenery by the ores resembling creatures of sea and its transforming refraction and reflection of light that are affected by the organic moves.”

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  • Address is Approximate (dir. Tom Jenkins)

    Address is Approximate (dir. Tom Jenkins)

    The Winner of the Best Music-based Film Award at The Van d’Ors 2012, this incredible, strangely moving film is a Google Street View stop motion animation which began as a personal project by director Tom Jenkins. The film was a viral hit together with another short ‘Speed of Light’ and now Tom and his directing partner Simon Sharp are embarking on a feature for Sony Pictures! Well done guys!  

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  • Dogboarding

    Okay, so skateboarding on a dog? What do you think that’s called? Yup…. another film from the minds of award-winning directors Daniels. We love ‘em.

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  • I Don’t Have A Lot To Say

    I Don’t Have A Lot To Say

    All manner of forest creatures and wild beasts are drawn to Benbo’s campfire sing-song. Tragically some are more forgiving than others. Directed by Tony Johnson Produced by A Dog Barks Drawn and Animated by Tony Johnson Awards: Best Music Short – Walthamstow International Film Festival 2011 Benbo: worldofbenbo.com Tony Johnson: tonyjohnson.info

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