ATLAS – Eat Me

As The Van d’Or Awards approach ever-faster,  we at Cannes in a Van look forward to seeing and hearing the extraordinary vocal talents of the marvellous ATLAS, who will be performing live on the night of September 19th.

The melodies that haunt the music of ATLAS come to their creator after dark. While you’re asleep, her violent lullabies are voiced over reverberating bass and electronic enchantments. So watch, and listen closely. These dramatic visions – projected dreams and potent nightmares – might keep you up at night.

In 2012 the alluring ATLAS (AKA Sarah Hezen) played Screen Social at The Book Club in Shoreditch to a receptive crowd. We’ve always been her biggest fans, so we thought we’d share her with you. Here’s a little taste. You’ll have to be there at the awards for a fuller flavour.

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