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  • 13.02.13 Screen Social: Bullion & Friends

    13.02.13 Screen Social: Bullion & Friends

    February plays host to directing young guns Bullion - consistently shaking up the music video scene with their eclectic mix of innovation, creativity and fun. Bullion – one of the hottest directing collectives on the scene, present work from their stable and invite some rather talented friends along too. Featuring work from Ross McDowell, Chris Cairns, Ollie Evans, Henry Schofield, Daniel Bereton, John Malcolm Moore, George Belfield and Watergun, plus DJ sets, live music, music video mixes and a Radio Soulwax visual feast to end the night. We still have [...]

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  • Screen Social

    A record turn out
    for Screen Social

    Our Farewell to Fujifilm Shorts Screen Social on Wednesday 9th January was packed out with award-winning and nominated directors, producers and cinematographers including Gavin Humphries, producer of the newly BAFTA nominated The Curse.  

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  • 09.01.13 Screen Social: Farewell FujiFilm Shorts

    09.01.13 Screen Social: Farewell FujiFilm Shorts

    Screen Social opens a film-fueled 2013 with an exclusive ‘Best Of’ selection from the acclaimed Fujifilm Shorts, introduced by Fujifilm’s Jerry Deeney. This Screen Social is also part of the London Short Film Festival. Due to reduced demand for motion picture film stock, the competition screened its final entries in 2012, so this special screening is a little nut of history in an ever-growing digital shell. Film is dead, long live film! There’ll also be a chance to take away a [...]

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  • Fubar Redux (dir. Hasraf Dulull)

    Fubar Redux (dir. Hasraf Dulull)

    A truly unique short film, Fubar Redux is ‘an Epic Short Film portraying the atrocities of an on-going political war for territories. Told in an alternate reality with Cats and Dogs mixing exciting action with tense drama driven by a unique animation visual style – Hyper-Motion Comic Cinema.’ The film was nominated at The Van d’Or Awards 2012 for Best Motion Design. Director Hasraf Dulull worked on the project relentlessly to bring his vision to reality. A rough-cut was screened [...]

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  • Countdown (dir. Celine Desrumaux)

    Countdown (dir. Celine Desrumaux)

    We absolutely love this animated short from Celine Desrumaux, who is one to watch. This was one of the films screened at the first ever Screen Social and really sums up what we love about film & music coming together to create a cool cocktail of colour, noise, & style. Can’t wait for her next project.

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  • DNAUXB (dir. Tony Comely)

    DNAUXB (dir. Tony Comely)

    ‘As his planet boils in the glow of a cascading Tesseract a young femto-panda named David Xenon makes a brave attempt to warn the galaxy… An animated music video for the track D N A U X B on the EP ‘We Go Dream Team’ by Gameshow Outpatient‘ This film was nominated in the Best Music-based category at The Van d’Or Awards 2012.

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  • Hair (dir. Joao Seica)

    Hair (dir. Joao Seica)

    Hair is a dark experimental film, which was one of the nominees for Best Music-based Film at The Van d’Or Awards 2012. It also won Best Experimental Film at the Freenetworld International Film Festival, 2012.

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  • Turin Brakes – Sea Change (dir. Stephen Smith)

    Turin Brakes – Sea Change (dir. Stephen Smith)

    Official animated claymation for the song ‘Sea Change’ by Turin Brakes off the album ‘Outbursts’. Following an all-singing evolutionary chain to ‘man’ and ultimately extinction. Created solely by (the contradiction of) STEPHEN SMITH in only two weeks.

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  • ATLAS @ Screen Social, London 12.07.12

    ATLAS @ Screen Social, London 12.07.12

    Beat-laden angel voiced ATLAS performing at Screen Social, the Music Vs Film mashup at The Book Club, London EC2. Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/atlasmsc

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  • What is Motion Design?

    What is Motion Design?

    A really nice journey through what motion design / graphics compiled by the guys at Motion Plus Design. Here’s a word from them… “Motion Plus Design is a project which aims to create the first exhibition center dedicated to Motion Design in Paris. This is a non-profit project. Students, professionals and anyone interested could discover artists, meet and learn. This centre will also provide an opportunity to promote artists in other design departments so the different graphic design worlds could cross. To [...]

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  • Dogboarding

    Okay, so skateboarding on a dog? What do you think that’s called? Yup…. another film from the minds of award-winning directors Daniels. We love ‘em.

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  • Nude Men Fighting

    Nude Men Fighting

    Once in a while something pops up which is, well… kinda weird. This is 20 seconds of pure unadulterated CGI homo-erotic anim-porn (that should pick up some SEO traffic). Think Women In Love meets Toy Story compressed into an inch-thick sandwich. That’s not it,I just wanted you to picture it.

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