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Gorilla Film Magazine

For any fresh-faced filmmakers it can be hard to discover vital tips and tricks of the trade when looking to turn heads in the always-intimidating film industry. You could very well waltz into your local Waterstones, grab the first ‘How To-‘ book on the shelf with the glowing review from people you haven’t even heard off, but it can be frustrating not knowing the right direction to go in. Every year people spend countless profits on useless books that gather dust on their shelves as they end up discovering the very same info either for themselves or from easier to access sources (my copy of the obnoxious Robert McKee’s guide to script writing remains untouched and unloved).

Not only that, there are hundreds of thousands of articles across the web detailing the best ways to fund your first indie-fueled passion project. However, often these articles end up being lost in the endless stream of uploaded info. To be honest, there really isn’t (and never will be) an official, unabridged step by step guide as to how to ‘make it’, as everyone has their own grass roots. Luckily for all those budding low-to-no budget filmmakers out there, there is at least one publications that aims to help any and all creative minded individuals with their goals. Enter from stage left: Gorilla Film Magazine.

Branded as the Independent Filmmaking Guidebook; Gorilla has been running since February 2011 and is providing paramount information to anyone with an indie spirit. When you approach the magazine for the first time you are welcomed by the considered graphics and minimalist design. As someone who still purchases magazines (I haven’t gone completely digital yet), the design is half of what peeks my interest – the content is the other half.

However Gorilla isn’t all surface. You only need to have a quick look through the pages to get a real sense that the people in charge really love what they are providing. When reading through issue 4 I was immediately grabbed by the content of the articles. They manage to cover many different aspects of indie filmmaking without being distracted by the typical unimportant dribble that other publications include. One article included a terrific conversation about short film exhibitions on the small screen (the scary realisation occurred when they stated how a high-budget short could be out-viewed by a cat sticking its head in a vacuum cleaner), whilst another article included how you should conduct yourself on social media websites (which is almost inescapable in today’s world).

Other noteworthy articles included a hand full of reviews for innovative and inspiring short films, which is (at least to my knowledge) not seen in any other publication on the market. Gorilla also doesn’t attempt to pander to fictional and/or live action filmmakers as they also have articles aimed at documentary filmmakers (there’s a particularly enlightening article with Danish documentarian Frank Poulsen) as well as articles for 2D animators.

Each feature has numerous nuggets of information that has me taking notes as I read. If you’re looking for the latest blockbuster review or what Ryan Gosling was wearing outside the Palais de Festival then this isn’t for you. Instead they offer no b.s. and really get to the heart of what people need to know.

Personally I could sit here and write a glowing review from a person you haven’t even heard of, but really you should be over on their website catching a glimpse at all the reviews and articles surrounding the world of the little guy. Luckily for all those of you who are currently reading this you can purchase all of their issues through their website (issue 4 is the latest so you have time to catch up and they’re prices are currently low).

Gorilla Film Magazine Issue 4 is also available FREE on the Croisette from Cannes in a Van!

By Oliver Hunt


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