Student Film In Transit 2014


Thanks to our friends at Ford we’ve launched a new competition for 2014 aimed at giving student filmmakers the opportunity to win funding for their short film, simply by writing a treatment.

To enter the 2014 Student Film In Transit competition follow these 5 simple steps:

1  Write a treatment for a 6 min short film based on the theme of ‘DESTINATION’
2  Send this with a link to your showreel to or fill out the form and attach your treatment.
3  The best 3 entrants will receive a budget to make their film
4  The 3 completed films will be voted for by the general public
5  The one with the most votes will be declared the winner of Student Film In Transit 2014 & win prizes.

* Entry is free. For full-time students and graduates (within 2 years of graduating). Terms & Conditions apply.

In 2012 we launched The Student Film In Transit Award. Alastair Aloo’s winning film Gentrification’ was a great example of a short made with no-budget and a lot of hard graft.

Alastair was rewarded with over £1,000 worth of camera equipment and a gleaming gold Ford Transit statuette. This year we’re mixing things up a bit, giving a wider opportunity to students and graduates by offering them the chance to present their ideas, show us their potential and gain wider exposure as a filmmaker.

The Van d’Ors was a great opportunity and a chance for me to reflect on my work. The whole process was really inspiring and exciting and I would recommend any student filmmakers or animators to get involved. Graduate life at the moment is not easy. I think creative graduates in particular need to have a deep self belief in their work as there is a lot of rejection, they need to work harder than ever and finally not give up.

- Student Film in Transit Award Winner, Alastair Aloo


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