At last… ‘Roger’ is now online!

As if by magic, as our 2013 Van d’Or Awards come into view, one of the real gems from last year is finally available online!

Roger The Real-life Superhero, directed by Cathy MacDonald is a simply brilliant documentary about one simply brilliant human-being. Winner of Best Documentary at the 2012 Van d’Or Independent Film Awards, the film follows nineteen-year-old Roger Hayhurst who lives on an estate in Salford, Manchester. With the unwavering support of his mum Jennifer, Roger dresses in a spandex suit and cape and patrols the streets at night, handing out food packages to the homeless.

Roger is a documentary which won’t fail to put a smile on your face and might even put your faith back in humanity. If this film were a religion it would change the world.
But it’s not, so it won’t, but…


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