Van d’Or winning director launches new Kickstarter campaign

In the indie-filmmaking sphere, it’s always exciting when an emerging director moves onto his or her next project. For Michael van der Put he’s spent the last twelve months developing his next film ‘Rage’, the second film in a planned triptych of shorts called Broken Hearted Youth’‘Callum’ his first film, screened at 26 festivals around the world winning 15 awards including our very own Van d’Or for Best Film, Best Actor (James Tarpey) and Best Director (Van der Put).

“Rage is set in the heat of a five-a-side football game and looks at the anger that can often lie behind political apathy.”

- Michael Van der Put

Set within the borough of Lewisham and drawing from an ensemble cast, ‘Rage’ is certain to be the most political of the three in the series: “I had an amazing time working with the cast of ‘Callum’ but also realised I had more stories to tell around the themes of isolation, loss, identity – for me talking about the adolescent experience is the best way to continue that train of thought” says Van der Put.

When asked about making ‘Broken Hearted Youth‘ into a triptych of shorts, Michael shed some light on why he wanted to do it this way. “It’s about trying to make something bigger than any single film, each film in the triptych will be thematically linked, but vary in tone – and of course, they’ll draw from a core ensemble of young actors. A lot of directors will work from the same themes again and again, some might not even realise they’re doing it.”

Callum‘, Van der Put’s first film, was his graduation piece from the Centre for Drama at Central Saint Martins. This month at Cannes in a Van, we’re celebrating student filmmakers by showcasing their work and exposing the finest emerging talent from around the globe.

If you’d like to support ‘Rage‘ take a look at the Kickstarter campaign.

The ‘Rage‘ Kickstarter can be viewed here.



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